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We provide a full line of chains: Ball Chains, Charms, Connectors, Link Chains, and t-bars. Custom designs are welcome, as we are dedicated in our superior quality and product design. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ball Chains Ball chains
These chains may be used for plenty of applications in brass and steel materials. Anything from accessories in the fashion industry to cords for vertical blinds, to pull chains, keychains, hang tags, and necklace... more...
Charms Charms
Fun and fashionable! Charms are a great way to liven up an item of clothing. You can add them to increase value of your designs... more...
Connectors Connectors
Convenient items to connect your creations as an essential part to bind your creativities. They are available in steel and alloy materials... more...
Link Chains Link Chains
Primarily used as decorative items in the garment industry, link chains have many uses such as jewlery, handbag straps, and belts... more...

T-bars are best used as attachments between two ends of link chains or straps... more...


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